Do You Take Better Care Of Your Car Than Yourself?

Many people take better care of their cars, than they do of themselves. They don’t seem to realize that just like a car is a vehicle that enables you to move, so is your body. It took me years to get this understanding; and to stop taking my body for granted, as if will last forever even if I am negligent in maintaining it. Imagine how much worse off the people who don’t maintain their cars at all are! Imagine how little they do to take care of themselves.
If you want your car to last, you take care of it; you do maintenance on it regularly to ensure smooth, efficient functioning. Same goes for your body. So like many people, I am still in the process of restoring my health to optimal levels.
With a vehicle, you must be careful to put the correct type of fuel, and periodically, you must use a fuel system cleaner to clear out sludge and chemical deposits. Same thing with the body. If you are utilizing the best natural foods, that “fuel” will have enzymes that keep your engine running clean and humming. Sometimes with the body, a detox is required.
Likewise, a vehicle has axles, ball bearing joints, gears, shocks and so forth which support the frame and body of the vehicle, and allow for seamless motion. Our bodies are similarly built. This is because man(kind) bases everything he does and builds off of himself. For instance, look at the shape of our space shuttles. Look at the shape of things around you and perhaps you will see what I mean.
marktwain-dancingtreeMy point is that mankind patterns everything after himself, but then, look how God patterned us. Sure we reflect His image, but we are walking plants physically. And what happens to plants when toxic chemicals come into contact with them? They die, if not immediately, then soon after depending on the level of exposure or length of time of the exposure.
Why do I say we are like walking plants?

Mark 8:24 (KJV)
And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.

Additionally, have you ever looked at our body parts? We are made with parts and organs that resemble plants. Our brains look like cauliflower. There are trees in our lungs that look like broccoli. There are trees in our brains called dendrites. We have body parts that resemble a variety of fruits and vegetables. We are like walking plants that require a lot of water, and good, healthy nutrients. We need to be rooted in good soil; a good environment that nourishes our bodies so that if a limb gets bent or broken, we can heal.
We cannot heal by dousing our bodies with chemical poisons and toxins. That is only time wasted on something that will put you in the grave much faster than you anticipated, which is the plan of The Powers That Be. Their goal is population control; and their means of accomplishing this is through plagues, sickness and disease, and war; the four horses of the apocalypse written about in the book of Revelations.

This is a crooked system, and a wicked world we live in. The media is bought and paid for, and directed, not to educate, but to distract. The goal is to keep us in the dark, ignorant and confused, and convinced that there are no other options. If we don’t actively aspire to educate ourselves so that we can take care of ourselves, than this scripture will apply to our lives, whether or not you believe in it.

Hosea 4:6 (KJV)
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

When people wonder and question why God allows people and children to be destroyed, or why there is pain and suffering; it is for this reason that it happens. Some people are seeking knowledge, but only that which satisfies their choice to dispute God; or their choice to be lazy or irresponsible; or even, their choice to live lawlessly in rebellion against God.
People who make such choices always have or seek justication for their choice, so they can excuse it away when a person, situation, or life itself challenges that choice, or leads them down the path of their own choosing. Such is the case for people who refuses to manage their own health, but choose instead to rely on someone with a title to tell them what to do, and how their money (insurance) should be spent per procedures, prescriptions, or inserted pain killers. I’ve seen many people that have told me horror stories about doctor’s offices, and how they are treated. So many of them live going from Doctor to doctor as new symptoms and side effects crop up from the many medications and shots they receive for pain issues. Its a vicious circle, and certainly no way to live.
Should you get a professional opinion? Absolutely. Get tested, but when your options are explained to you by that ” professional,” understand that those are simply his or her recommendations. You are not obligated to take them, nor are you prohibited from seeking more than one opinion. You have the right to choose. You have the right to research the options given; and furthermore, you have the right to seek out natural alternatives.
If your doctor gets angry or annoyed because you choose to seek another opinion or more natural methodology, or because you don’t like or want the drugs, shots or surgical alternatives he’s pushing on you; just remember that his medical practice is a business first and foremost.
Patient care should be more individualized, and it should be a whole body approach, but in Western medicine, it often is not. We all have to make decisions on a daily basis. However, when it comes to our health, most people want to be devoid of responsibility. They go to a doctor’s office with the expectation of being told what to do. I can’t think of any other service industry, in which people are so careless with how and what they spend their money on, even if insured; or in choosing what services they will receive. This is why it is your responsibility to seek alternatives, because many doctors recommend what is best for themselves and their pocket, versus what’s best for you and your health. The system is set up this way, which is why a Naturopathic or Osteopathic Doctor is a better choice.
People think their doctors really care about them, and some do; but here’s how you test the fruit and see what the real agenda is. Does your doctor get upset or talk down to you like you’re ignorant if you refuse a particular treatment, like shots or drugs? If you found a valid, natural alternative that would effectively treat your problem or condition, does your doctor encourage you to seek that more natural path to recovery? Would your doctor have a problem with consulting or collaborating with a natural, Osteopathic or Homeopathic Doctor to help you recover?
Would your doctor object to a treatment you researched and found that had valid results, just because it was outside his scope of practice? In other words, is he/she concerned enough about your health and recovery, that he/she advocates for what is truly best for you, even if that means sending you to a doctor that is outside his circle of friends or associated doctor’s network?
What I’m saying is, stop viewing your doctor as a god through intimidated eyes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or push for alternative treatments. It’s your body and your life! Your doctor can only recommend. He can’t force you to take treatments you object to. However, don’t be lazy. Do some research for yourself. It is your quality of life that will be affected in the long and short run.
Drug therapy for pain may seem like a resolution now, but only if you don’t THINK ahead and consider your future. Putting toxins and poisonous chemicals into your body will only shorten your life. Remember, we are like plants, and as such, should STRETCH towards the light.

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